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Eggplants reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms


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Eggplants include nicotinic acid (Vitamin PP) which gives bitterness to this vegetable. Recent researchers have evidence that due to these eggplants may help smokers to quit smoking. Experts say that small concentration of nicotine in eggplants is enough to minimize distress in smokers caused by quit smoking. Therefore, everyday utilization of eggplants may replace nicotine patch which also is made to remove withdrawals.

At the same time, eggplants are not able to harm human body because 10g of Eggplants contain just 1 mcg nicotine (to compare, a cigarette contains 1000 mcg nicotine).
According to World Health Organization, every year in the world 5 million people die from different diseases connected with smoking. One third of all cancer cases is connected with smoking. Total economic wastes on smoking constitute not less than 200 billion dollars annually.

The spread of cigarette smoking in the USA is high enough in comparison with other countries in the world. 42% of all cases of male premature death at the age of 35-69 years are connected with smoking. Every year in the USA about 260 million people early die from diseases caused by smoking.
Eggplant is popular around the whole world. This vegetable gives everyone a wonderful chance to create the classic eggplant dishes as well as experiment with a wide range of recipes. Eggplant is simple and perfect to use it to prepare home dishes. Eggplant is wonderful in salads, soups, main courses, casseroles and side dishes. Eggplant with its exotic in taste and texture can be prepared in a different ways.

From oven roasting to grilling, eggplant can be a staple in any diet. Eggplant is mostly made from water, which means some care in properly preparing it for the cooking method of choice definitely comes into play. Eggplant gives best results when used immediately or within a day or two of bringing it home from the market.

Over the counter medication for quit smoking relief

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Most important healthy reasons to stop smoking

Everybody know about damage that smoking can do to our health. Tobacco smoking we can increase our risk of having lung cancer and that it can make us look as much as 10 to 20 years older that we really are.

If you are smoker try to aware all benefits that you can receive when you quit smoking.

  • One of the big changes you will see when you when you stop smoking is how your skin will look. Because smoking restricts the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin it can look tired, dull and old looking. As your blood flow recovers your skin will take on a healthier glow.
  • Smoking lines the airways and lungs with a coating of tar and phlegm which restricts breathing. When you stop smoking the carbon monoxide begins to be get rid ofd from the body. Then the body begins the process of eliminating the build up of tar and phlegm in the lungs. You may discover that the side effect of this process is a lot of coughing. This is ok as it is a sign that the lungs are being cleaned out.
  • Smoking restricts your breathing because the airways become swollen and sticky with tar residue. After a few months the airways will become cleaner and lighter. The direct result of this makes you breathe more easily because you will have increased your lung capacity to breathe in additional 10% oxygen.
  • After one year without smoking the real benefits start to emerge. Your risk of getting a heart attack is reduced by up to 50 %.
  • Smoking addiction is psychological as well as a physical one. Therefore, when many people quit they still get the cravings to light up again. This is due to the nicotine withdrawal symptoms which your body is craving. If you are discovering it complex with the cravings there are quit smoking aids that can help you. There are many products offered that include nicotine patches that help to lower your cravings by replacing the nicotine into your system.
  • After 10 to 15 years of not smoking you will have reduced your risk of getting lung cancer by up to 50 per cent.
  • If you quit smoking by the age of 35 and never smoke again you will greatly lessen the affect of smoking shortening your life expectancy.

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7 Reasons Why Smoking Is More Hazardous For The Diabetic

Smoking habit is very dangerous for diabetes patients. Here are 7 reasons why mixing diabetes with smoking is a very bad concept:

  1. You are more likely to get nerve damage (neuropathy). This is because smoking affects your blood circulation and that in turn means your nerve endings are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need. If this happens to the nerves in your feet it could lead to sores and infections and, if not taken care of properly, even amputation.
  2. There is an increased risk – double in fact -of you getting limited mobility in your joints. It’s no fun trying to bend, climb stairs or lift something when you have a painful joint.
  3. Because of smoking you could develop kidney disease
  4. When you smoke your blood pressure increases. Increased blood pressure creates a real risk of heart disease.
  5. Research has shown that diabetics who smoke increase, 3-fold, the risk of dying of heart (cardiovascular) disease.
  6. By smoking you increase your blood-sugar levels. This makes it more complex to control your diabetes because your glucose levels could be fluctuating quite rigorously. This, in turn, leads to other predicaments.
  7. And it as well increases your cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of a heart attack.

In fact smoking – and passive smoking – have a rigorously detripsychological effect on the ABC’s of diabetes management:

A – the measurement of your blood glucose over a 3-month period
B – your blood pressure, which should be below 130/80
C – your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels include LDL, HDL and triglycerides. Your LDL should be below 100. HDL levels should be on top of 40 (for men) and on top of 50 (for female). Tryglycerides should be below 150.

And, of course, on top of all that there’s the proven risk of cancer!

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Some Techniques To Help You Stop Cigarette Smoking Naturally

Cigarette smoking

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Bidding adios to your long-term tobacco addiction is definitely a hard task, but it must be undertaken eventually. Cigarette smoking is harmful for you and also every person near you, and will lead to numerous diseases and troubles. Very simple improvements to your lifestyle and mentality, in addition to asking for help from others, could help you live life for a longer period and get a healthy diagnosis; a lot of ideas on what to do and just how to achieve it are presented below.

Do not rely on substitutes for your cigarette smoking addiction

The worst error that hopeful quitters make is searching for anything to fill the void that cigarettes had in their lives. Using products (including nicotine replacement), services or persons as emotive support mechanisms during this extremely tough process must be avoided. If a support mechanism is suddenly taken out of someone’s existence, an absolute backslide could come next. Any kind of reliance may probably develop into a fresh addiction that can supplant the old one.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is key to getting fit. Additionally, it is a superb tension reducer and your entire body will have a fantastic possibility to recuperate from many years of cell deterioration. Having said that, make sure you go forward one step at a time; do not drive yourself too much. Make sure you contact your doctor prior to starting any type of workout program.

Have a proper diet

Cigarette smoking robs your system of vital minerals and vitamins, which will have to be recouped when you finally kick the habit. This is realized by maintaining a balanced eating routine throughout and following the quitting process. Minimize your liquor, tea and coffee consumption; take in lots of organic vegetables, fruits, brans, nuts and seeds; and look at your calorie and fat intake, as excess pounds can easily be taken on when you stop smoking, especially without resorting to nicotine replacement.

Remember to stay hydrated

Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and eliminate unhealthy chemical substances, including nicotine. Your tobacco urges can even be substantially reduced if you consume enough liquids.

There are two ways to stop: either little by little or abruptly

It’s your call whether giving up abruptly or gradually would be effective for you. If you decide to progressively decrease your intake, it is essential to specify and comply with a non-negotiable quit date. Quitting cheats involve swapping cigarette brand names, package sizes as well as daily amounts. A lot of former tobacco users promote the instantaneous strategy; they state that tapering off isn’t really a viable method and if you plan to undertake anything, you must give it your all.

SmokeStik - Alternative SmokingGet rid of the things that make you remember smoking cigarettes

Dispose of any reminders of your smoking years, including lighters, cigarette receptacles and cigarettes. Do not coax yourself and steer clear of it at all costs. The tiniest reminder could make you run back to your awful addiction.

Find help

Get all the support you can obtain from buddies, family and co-workers. Try to talk these people into giving up cigarette smoking with you. A team attempt is far more powerful than attempting a really hard job all on your own.

Stopping smoking also has phases

Stopping smoking will make you feel a sensation of loss given that you’ve had the habit for years. Removing your attachment to it will be the same as a formal separation or the loss of a loved one. You have to experience the denial, rage, negotiation, depression, and acceptance phases for your recovery from addiction to be successful.

Celebrate key events

It is extremely important to reward yourself for excellent behaviour and endurance. This would also help you realise that using tobacco is not the sole pastime you can have in your daily life.

Stop Smoking Aids

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