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8 vital vitamins for strengthening and improvements of hair growth

Many people are not happy with their hair. Often the reasons are lack of necessary vitamins. They prevent loss of hair and occurrence of dandruff. Because of vitamins deficiency your hair look fat, fragile, thin and not beautiful.
Each of them brings the part in beauty and protection of your hair.

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins. It supports local immunity of your vital bodies. Vitamin A deficiency leads to loss of hair and loss of their shine. Hair becomes dry and fragile. Besides you can have dandruff. Fortunately in organism stocks of vitamin A remain long enough. Daily dose is about 1,0 mg.
Best food sources are liver, butter, egg yolks and milk.
Vitamin В2 gives to hair healthy and fresh look. If you do not have not enough vitamin В2 then hair roots quickly became fat and tips become dry. From all kinds of group B vitamin В2 it is spent most quickly, therefore you should pay enhanced attention. RDA for adult person is 2 mg per day which you will find in dairy products, eggs, bread, and meat and especially in liver.
Vitamin В3 is responsible for creation of pigments in hair. In case of lack B3 your hair is broken, and they start to grow grey early. For prevention vitamins B3 deficiency it is necessary to use in day 50-100 mg of vitamin B3 which you will find in grains, beer yeast, peanut, fish, liver and, especially in beef.
Vitamin В6 will prevent of itch and dryness of head. Moreover vitamin B6 shortage is one of main reasons of dandruff. Best food sources are dry yeast, grains, chicken, pork, fish, liver, kidneys, eggs, vegetables, soya, bananas, nuts, potato and cabbage.
Vitamin В9 – promotes hair growth. Pale skin is vitamin B9 deficiency symptom. Therefore it is necessary to keep balance of vitamin B9. Daily dose is 0,2-0,3мг A lot of vitamin B9 contains in vegetables, food yeast, cottage cheese, cheeses and fish.
Vitamin В10 also as well as В3, supports normal painting, struggles with an early gray hair and improves growth of hair. As a rule, the daily norm of vitamin B10 (100 mg) covered at the balanced diet. Best food sources of vitamin В10 are dairy products, egg yolks, beer yeast, rice, potato, fish and nuts.
Vitamin E is important as influent on feeding of hair bulbs. It depends on growth, color and look of your hair. You need only 15 mg per day. But critical shortage of this vitamin can lead to loss of hair. Basically, it contains in vegetative products. Tomatoes, salads, peas, spinaches, parsleys, seeds of a dogrose are richest with it. But most of all you will find vitamin E in sunflower oil.
Vitamin F prevent of hair loss of hair and dandruff. Moreover, in cooperation with other vitamins increase activity and are much better acquired. Unfortunately, the daily need of vitamin F is not established, but in number of the countries consider as necessary doze of 1 % from daily need of energy for calories. For maintenance of balance use vegetable oils from wheat, seed of flax, sunflower, soybeans, peanut, and also walnut, almonds, sunflower seeds of sunflower.
Here actually 8 vitamins for strengthening and improvements of growth of your hair.  You can support their balance of organism, using necessary products or vitamins supplement. But in any case do not forget, that lack of vitamins can be caused not by small quantity of their receipt, and bad absorption.

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