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Causes of vitamin and mineral deficiency

You might be marginally deficient if you rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These are the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals.
Long period of high stress or overwork also can cases vitamins deficiency.Multi-Carotene Antioxidant, 60 softgels: W

You’re probably not eating right, plus you’re using up a lot vitamins and minerals to make extra stress hormones. You’re sick with something—bronchitis, say—or you’re recovering from surgery. At a time when you probably don’t feel much like eating, you need lots of extra vitamins and minerals to help you heal faster.
There are a lot of causes of vitamin deficiency, for example, chronic disease such as asthma or diabetes. Low levels of a vitamin or mineral might be causing the problem or making it worse. Many people with asthma are low on magnesium, for example; many diabetics are very low on Vitamin C. Chronic diseases change how well your body absorbs and uses vitamins and minerals, so your needs change as well.
If you’re pregnant or nursing you need extra vitamins and minerals because you’re passing some of your on to your baby.
Fore sure you will experience of vitamin deficiency if you’re seriously depressed. When you’re depressed, you don’t eat well. That can make the depression worse, because marginal deficiencies of many vitamins and minerals cause depression.
Smoking sharply increases your need for vitamins, especially Vitamin C.
Drink a lot of alcohol is also responsible for much cases of vitamin deficiency. Heavy drinkers are often marginally deficient in almost all the vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins.

How do you know you have a marginal deficiency? Deficiencies can be hard to pin down. You might just be feeling a little below par, or more tired than usual.

That’s easy to blame on all sorts of things, so you might not think a vitamin or mineral deficiency is the problem. Even if you go to your doctor with other deficiency symptoms, like irritability, anxiety, or insomnia, you’re more likely to come home with a prescription for Valium® than for a vitamin supplement. If you feel your health isn’t what it could be—if you get frequent minor illnesses, for example, or bad colds you just can’t seem to shake, ask yourself if you’re getting enough of the vitamins and minerals you need.

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