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Food for ideal diet

Magazine Forbes has made the list of 12 products which can become a basis of «ideal diet “.


berry-vitaminsBerries contain very small amount of sugar and are riched with fiber. The bilberry improves memory, raspberry and wild strawberry contains a plenty powerful antioxidants which have anticarcinogenic properties.



Beans contain plenty fiber which helps to supervise weight, protects from diabetes, and also prevents cancer of direct gut and heart disease.



As dietetic researches have shown using of nuts some times in a week reduces risk of cardiovascular systems diseases.

Natural milk


As cows eat grass, therefore milk contains plenty various acids protecting from oncological diseases. It also is riched with of vitamins, minerals and useful bacteria.


The fish is the most useful anti-age product. Psychrophilicfatty fish, for example, wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring contain fatty acids which protect brain and heart, good mood and lower blood pressure.

meat-vitaminMeat of grass eating cattle

Beef from the cows, eating grass, strongly differs on contents of fat from meat from supermarket: in it the high maintenance of fats omega-3, the low maintenance of harmful fats. It is rich source of fibers and vitamin B12, not containing steroid, hormones and antibiotics.


Eggs are considered as ideal natural product. It contains lot of fiber and few kilocalories.
In a yolk contains choline – the most important nutrient for brain, and also lutein useful to sight.
However, because of high amount of cholesterol (substance very necessary to organism, however which is dangerous in excessive dose) doctors do not advise to eat eggs more than once a week.


White cabbage, Bruxelles sprouts, and broccoli – all kinds of cabbage contain indole, the substances reducing of oncological diseases risk. Besides vitamins, they also contain sulforophan which helps cleared of harmful chemical substances from body.


Apples are useful not only for teeth, but also prevent lungs cancer and diabetes. In one apple contain five gram of fiber and lot of nutrients, including vitamin K useful to bones.
You constrain the appetite having eaten an apple for half an hour before dinner.

Onion and garlic

According medical researches onion and garlic help to prevent and struggle with various oncological diseases.

Garnet juice

The scientists of Tel Aviv t university calles garnejuice ” natural viagra ” which contains plenty of antioxidants. Researches have shown that it reduces blood pressure and slows down formation of tumours.

Green tea

Though any tea is useful, green tea contains unique combination of chemical substances possessing anticarcinogenic properts. It also helps to control weight.

Over the counter medications for common health problems

Fabulous Power of Vitamins and Minerals


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