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How to avoid Riboflavin deficiency

Riboflavin is also called Vitamin B2. Riboflavin works closely with all the other B vitamins, especially niacin and pyridoxine.

Riboflavin does lots of other good things for you as well, mostly by working with the other members of B vitamins group keep your body’s systems, like your immune system, running smoothly.

Your eyes, nerves, skin, nails, and hair all need riboflavin to stay healthy. It might even help your memory. Older people with high levels of riboflavin do better on memory tests.
Some people are at special risk for riboflavin deficiency- athletes, diabetics, pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly people, people who can’t digest milk.
So it is very important to balance your diet to avoid riboflavin deficiency.
Important as riboflavin is, you don’t really need a lot of it for good health—just less than 2 mg a day is enough.

Riboflavin is found naturally in many foods, especially meat, milk products, and dark-green leafy vegetables. It’s also added to flour, bread, and most breakfast cereals.
True riboflavin deficiency is quite rare. Most people get plenty of riboflavin in their food. When deficiency symptoms do occur, they’re usually related to a shortage of all the B’s.

In fact, if you’re short on riboflavin you might have deficiency symptoms for one of the other vitamins.

Usually, though, riboflavin deficiency shows up as problems with the mucous membranes, skin, eyes, and blood. An early and clear sign is sores and cracks on the lips, especially at the corners. Scaly skin, reddened eyes, and anemia are other deficiency signs.

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