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Several studies have shown that apart from their hormonal effect the hormones in birth control pills affect metabolic and nutritional factors.
Women who use contraceptives may need in nutritional supplementation to adjust for some of the biochemical alterations caused by the oral contraception pills.
living-multiFor example women on BCPs have a higher requirement for folate, and this may be especially true for women who have had cervical dysplasia (precancerous abnormal cells of the cervix). The frequent ingestion of the steroids found in contraceptive pills has been found to decrease levels of riboflavin, pyridoxine, vitamin B12, ascorbic acid, and zinc.
Hormones can also affect breast tenderness, increase risk of blood clots, and induce an array of side effects in some women, and they are metabolized in the liver.
Providing proper nutritional support and enhancing hormonal metabolism and detoxification pathways may optimize of using hormonal contraception.
Long periods of oral contraceptive using may occur of riboflavin deficiency.
It has been noticed that the majority of women on oral contraception for longer than six months manifest abnormal tryptophan metabolism. Vitamin B6 can normalize tryptophan metabolism.
Although not consistent, some research has shown that oral contraception disturb folate metabolism.
Anemia, the gastrointestinal and genital tracts, bone and heart health, and mental function are all affected by folic acid deficiencies. For this reason, folate is an important nutrient to supplement for women taking the pill. Oral contraception users have also been found to have low levels of vitamin B12.

Reduced levels of ascorbic acid have also been observed in those who take oral contraceptives.
It is possible that the steroids of oral contraceptives increase the breakdown of ascorbic acid.
Some research in animals has shown that oral contraceptives reduce lower blood levels of vitamin E.
Most investigations have shown a reduction in plasma zinc levels following the administration of oral contraceptive pills.
Zinc is essential to good health and is involved in many enzyme and body functions. Immune function; wound healing; the nervous system; maintenance of vision, taste, and smell; and skin health are dependent on adequate levels of zinc.
Zinc competes with copper for absorption, therefore adding a small amount of copper is also suggested to avoid any problems.
Borage seed oil is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is important in maintaining pain-free breasts. GLA decreases abnormal sensitivity of breast tissue to normal hormone levels.
Oral contraceptives can increase the risk of blood clots, although this risk has been considerably reduced since the lower-dose pills have become the norm.
However, these concerns still deserve our attention. Bromelain has a very favorable effect on inflammation of a vein.one-day-women
Garlic preparations have been shown to promote fibrinolysis, which can offer benefit in prevention of strokes and other clotting events.
Finally, women taking hormonal contraceptives can experience changes in vaginal pH, which can lead to changes in the balance of organisms in the vagina.
Lactobacillus species are fundamental to maintaining a healthy ecological vaginal environment, which helps to prevent yeast and vaginal infections.
It may be possible to favorably alter this vaginal ecology by taking lactobacillus in the form of a nutritional supplement.
Additional considerations may include liver support to aid in the metabolism of the steroids.
There are many options here, including a lipotropic supplement and herbs such as dandelion root, burdock root, and milk thistle.

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