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Unhealthy Facts About Smoking

Say NO to Smoking!

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You would have to be living on the moon not to know that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health. However, for some people who continue to smoke or for people who are thinking about smoking the following facts about how this habit can damage your health should help you to change your mind.

Fact 1
Smoking restricts the blood vessels. This can cause the blood to flow less effectively through the body to deliver much needed vitamins and minerals. It as well restricts the amount of oxygen reaching the skin. Long term smokers have bad skin. The damage caused by smoking can make a smoker look ten years older or more compared to a person of the same age who does not smoke.

Fact 2
Smoking damages the lungs. Users can have complexy breathing properly because smoke swells and narrows the airways. It lines them with a sticky mucus and phlegm. That is why it is ordinary to hear a smoker with a wheezy cough.

Fact 3
50 % of long term smokers will die due to using cigarettes.

Fact 4
The tobacco used to make cigarettes contains over 4000 chemicals and over 60 of these chemicals can be linked to causing cancer.

Fact 5
Smoking is an addiction like any treatment. As well as a physical, smoking is a psychological addiction. This is why smokers discover it very complex to give up. To help them they need to rely on nicotine aids that substitute the cravings from smoking cigarettes. Sometimes these help however, for many the cravings become too much and they give in.

Fact 6
90 % of all lung cancers are caused by smoking.

Fact 7
Even though, cigarettes receive the worst press about the damage they do other categories of tobacco are just as bad. Whether it is the tobacco used for rolling cigarettes, the chewing variety or the sweet smelling shag for smoking the pipe, all tobacco can damage your health.

Fact 8
Even though smoking use to look cool it will not help you attract the opposite sex, especially if they are a healthy non smoker. They will be able to smell you a mile off because your clothes will be reeking of smoke. Even if you manage to get close sufficient your bad breath or stained teeth will put the sword to any kind of romantic interlude.

There you go. The next time you feel the need to light up or if you are thinking it must be cool to smoke because all my friends do, then read through these facts and think again. Do you really want to do that to your body?
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Three Ways to Stop smoking

A lot of people try to quit smoking cigarettes by going for nicotine patches and gums. This can work in a way if you want to gradually take them off of your routine. As for the effectiveness, it’s almost negligible. Nicotine patches and gums still feed nicotine into your system. In short, it’s a smokeless alternative to cigarettes. Trying to quit smoking is trying to train your system to live without nicotine. For zero nicotine solutions, you can try the following,


When it comes to “cures” nothing can get more “alternative” than herbs. Herbal treatments may consist of concoctions and chewables. Rarely can you discover an herbal medication that you have to eat. There are some herbs that will alter the taste of cigarette to motivate you to never light one up again. With this kind of herb, there are two risks. Either you discover another means of getting nicotine (gums and patches) or you succumb to the side effects of the herb when used for too long.


In smoking cessation, hypnosis is treated in high regard. Hypnotherapy has converted smokers into non-smokers for decades. Not only that, hypnosis has had much success with weight loss, depression, and other states that needed a little thought process alignment. Hypnosis can change the way you think about cigarettes, helping you resist the urge to light up a smoke.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT is normally applied to nervousness disorders and depression. CBT works on altering the thought processes of the patient, and this is useful for helping you stop smoking. Most therapies surrounding smoking cessation makes use of CBT elements as well as other kinds of therapies.

Magnetic therapy is often effective for reduce craving.

These are only a few of the numerous routes you can take to stop smoking. If you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes, don’t limit yourself to these three. The more smoking cessation methods you try, the more chances of success you have and the speedier the process is going to be. Mix and match varyent methods, as most methods can’t stand alone against your cravings for cigarettes.

Self-hypnosis for quit smoking

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5 Steps To Curbing Weight-Gain For The Ex-Smoker

If you have just lately quit smoking, continue to hunger for cigarettes, and then to top it off, discover that you are gaining unwanted weight? In the event that you have just lately quit and are even now battling the craving to continue smoking, it really is most effective to proceed progressively into a weight-management program.

Trying to adjust your dietary habits too rapidly may add to the nervousness you might even now be going through in your tries to continue being a non-smoker and just boost your craving for cigarettes. Your highest concern at this moment should be to continue to be a non-smoker.

Aim first to stop gaining excess weight, and once you have obtained that, think on the subject of what additional methods it will necessitate to lose weight. The conceptl approach to do this without impairing your capacity to stay a non-smoker is to use the subsequent strategy:

  1. Expand your physical activity. This is much more crucial in the comprehensive picture now compared with changing your diet for the reason that the more active you become, the easier it is going to be to remain a non-smoker as well as to regulate your bodyweight.
  2. Next begin to cut the fat in your eating plan. Get started by making low-fat substitutions for high-fat supplements. Keep watch of your day-to-day fat-gram intake. If you are successful, in time, to be able to achieve your target level for weight loss , without endangerousing your ability to remain a non-smoker, you should begin to lose weight.
  3. If raising your physical activity and reducing the fat as advised do not prevent additional weight gain and launch you on the road to losing pounds, as it will in almost all cases, you may be consuming too many carbohydrates. Keep an eye on your carbohydrate consumption to decide if you happen to be overdoing sugars independently of fat, which is, taking in more than one item of hard candy or any kind of alternative sugar candy in place of a smoke, or more besides one helping of a complex carb at snack times.
  4. Discuss together with your doctor the utilization of nicotine substitute, with the patch or maybe gum, or the use of one of a pharmacological product that helps with quitting smoking and fat control. These categories of aids offer a double purpose because, like rising physical activity, they perform in unison to make sure your achieving your goal in staying a non-smoker and in controlling your weight.
  5. Proceed to make use of any strategies that are helping you to deal with your desire to smoke until you are once and for all thru the transition to growing to be a fully successful non-smoker. Then embark on a weight-management plan that best suits your needs and goals.
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Why Do People Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking

Day 39: Time to quit

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After you have comprehend that is the time say smoking “no”, the basic concern with people who give up is the weight acquire state of affairs that they imagine they might face. It is a regular apprehension that smokers need to address earlier than they admit as true that quitting this smoking habit.

A small weight gain is a normal factor however those that develop a habit of consuming after they quit smoking can have giant weight constructive aspects that is maybe a predicament for them. Therefore, a correct weight loss plan plan and exercises must be the order of the day after you quit smoking. Nonetheless, weight gain shouldn’t be the explanation that you don’t want to kick this habit. You likely can keep your weight beneath management really easily. The basic cause that sure ex people who smoke gain weight is because of the truth that the smoking activity burns as much as 200 calories a day for medium to heavy smoking activity.

Since a large amount of energy is burnt, the metabolism throughout the smoker is boosted to a large extent. One other vital issue is that nicotine works as an appetite suppressant that brings down the urge to eat meals items. All these items are likely to hold the load fixed for a person. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed overweight smokers in my life in addition to thin ones. “But I’ll achieve weight if I cease smoking.”… it is a weak excuse. In the long run by way of smoking, there’s a risk that the particular person looses weight and the body’s strength of immunity. Once the side effects of smoking are seen in you, it turns into tough to repair the harm if not prevented in the timely stages.

Weight gained after you give up smoking could be simply lost… I repeat EASILY LOST. Nevertheless, the damaging effects of smoking can’t be diminished within a week or [two] in the event that they cause most damage. The acquire of 5 to 10 kilos throughout the first few months after you do away with the smoking behavior is a standard scenario. But then again, for some individuals they achieve ZERO POUNDS! And in fact lose more weight as a result of they’ve determined to get their lives in order, to get match and wholesome to be answerable for what goes into their body, to block out toxins and to absorb solely the good stuff.

Activities like strolling, jogging, and swimming might help in an massive way to reduce any unwanted weight gain. The basic purpose your body wants more energy supply in the type of meals might be due to the adjustment it goes through after you stop smoking. Enhance in urge for diet is a minor facet effect that ex smoker could or might not face during the preliminary days after quitting smoking.

Another cause is that nicotine acts as an urge for diet suppressant that makes the individual avoid regular consuming habits. Smokers fail to eat proper meals during the day once they lit up for smoking. By blocking the discharge of insulin hormone on sure events, the mandatory consuming habits go off gear. The feeling of starvation vanishes from the person with smoking habit. Due to this fact, when a person quits smoking it is organic that the eating habits will get normal. Nevertheless, there is a want to comprehend the physique and its metabolism and avoid smoking completely.

The fable of extreme weight achieve must be busted via constructive efforts like healthy snacks, train, avoiding alcohol, and being affected person about the entire thing.

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