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So much beneficial vitamin D

Vitamin DIf your nails and hair are brittle it is quite possible you are missing is Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is called vitamin sun: it is produced in the body when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Although in fact it would be better to talk about several forms of this vitamin, the most famous of which is vitamin D2 (some of it can be found in yeast), D3 (also found in animal products) and D5 (little of this vitamin is present in wheat seedlings and especially in the wheat germ oil). Many doctors consider the most useful and easily digestible is vitamin D3.

That vitamin D regulates the mineral metabolism in the body, promotes good absorption of calcium and is responsible for normal growth and condition of the bones and teeth and protects us from osteoporosis, as well as children – and even from rickets. It also strengthens the immune system; helps regulate blood pressure and normal operation of the thyroid gland. And more recently by several research groups has been proved that the sunshine vitamin also has powerful anti-carcinogenic properties and can even help in treating many forms of cancer.

The average daily requirement for vitamin D – 2,5 micrograms (100 IU) during pregnancy, lactation and the age of three years – in 3-4 times more. Recently, however, scientists often say that the rate should be increased to at least 200 IU, and the elderly, when particularly high risk of osteoporosis, it should be even greater.

The easiest way to provide the body with a minimal amount of vitamin D is walking in open air no matter in summer or winter. In sunny day it is enough 15-minute walk. In cloudy weather, a walk should last longer. Spend more time outdoors, and always before dark – and you do not face vitamin D deficiency. We can get vitamin D also with food. These two sources are usually sufficient. And to take vitamins with most doctors advise only on the testimony – for example, to prevent rickets in children or living in the polar night. And, of course, you should consult with your practitioner.

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