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Treating allergies with Vitamins and Minerals

Allergy skin testing

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The are a lot of variants of allergies. Vitamins Minerals can help for those suffering with various allergies.

If you have allergy you may accept as true that the causes of the allergic reactions.

Firstly think about such issues as:

  • treatments
  • adrenal exhaustion
  • alcohol, caffeine
  • stress
  • wrong diet
  • heredity
  • weak immune defense
  • poor detoxification
  • liver predicaments
  • stomach predicaments
  • parasites, candida
  • viruses, fungus

Some vitamins minerals can support your body to be less reactive to various irritants and allergens.

Vitamin A

Especially effective help for respiratory predicaments and skin rashes, dry skin, skin irritability, itching.

Vitamin B6

Balances hormones, soothes nervous system, help for adrenal disorders.

Vitamin C

Effective antioxidant, helps in detoxification process. Do not choose vitamin C that irritates your stomach, think about organic and herbal vitamin C supplements which are not acidic.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant, restores skin damage, helps hydrate skin.


Helps with allergic toxemia and inflammation with chemical allergies.


Boost immune system and immune defense.


Soothes temper and helps with inflammation. Helps with nervous tension due to the stressful allergies and irritability.


Stronger nervous system and help with immune system.

Use vitamins minerals wisely because some people develop allergies to particular vitamins and supplements. accept as true that consumption of unrefined sea salt which is rich with organic minerals and helps reduce toxicity of organism.

Be creative, studies show that sometimes people develop allergies because of the extreme stress and irritability. Try meditation, recreation exercises or just make a break in your daily routine to enjoy something you adore or like.

Allergy and Vitamins

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Fabulous Power of Vitamins and Minerals


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