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Vitamin C deficiency health effects

After several weeks with no Vitamin C in your diet, you’d start to get scurvy. At first you’d just feel a little tired and irritable, but soon you’d have sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth, fatigue, bruising, sore joints, slow wound healing, and anemia. In the days before canning and refrigeration, mild scurvy was quite comVitamin C Powder 1 lb: Kmon, especially in the winter when fresh fruits and veggies were scarce.
Vitamin C deficiency is especially dangerous if you have some health problem.
Vitamin C doesn’t get into your cells very well if you have diabetes. Fighting allergic reactions and asthma attacks uses up a lot of your Vitamin C. If you’re sick with an infectious illness such as a cold or flu then your immune system needs plenty of Vitamin C, especially when it’s in high gear fighting off an illness. When you have surgery vitamin C helps heal wounds and fight infection.
Your teeth won’t fall out if you have a mild Vitamin C deficiency, but you might have these symptoms: fatigue and tiring easily; appetite loss; muscle weakness; bruising easily; and frequent infections. Deficiency of Vitamin C weakens the walls of your blood vessels. They break easily, causing bruises and even nosebleeds. If you think low Vitamin C is the problem, try supplementing with 500 mg a day. You should feel a lot better and stop getting bruises within a week.
Deficiency of Vitamin C can lead you into a downward spiral of bad health. The deficiency means you’re tired all the time—too tired to eat properly. So you eat poorly and get sick more often, which means that you take in even less Vitamin C and use up that lower amount to help fight the infection, which means you stay deficient and eat less and get sick more often, which means….you get the picture. Break out of the cycle with a better diet and Vitamin C supplements.

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