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Vitamin C deficiency

Why do we need Vitamin C

Viatmin C also is named Ascorbic Acid. You need it for more than 300 different function of Vitamin C in your body. Just for starters, Vitamin C is needed to make collagen -structural component of blood vessels, tendons, and bone.

Scientists found that Vitamin C help prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and colds; improve wound healing and response to stress; reduce bronchial spasms in asthmatics; and prevent lead toxicity.

Vitamin C deficiency symptoms

After several weeks with no Vitamin C in your diet, you’d start to get scurvy. At first symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency you’d just feel a little tired and irritable. But soon you’d have sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth, fatigue, bruising, sore joints, slow wound healing, and anemia.
Marginal deficiencies are common among the elderly, alcoholics, and those with cancer, chronic illness, or stress.
Symptoms include fatigue, easy bruising, poor wound healing and appetite, anemia, and sore joints.

Avoiding vitamin C deficiency


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Fortunately, Vitamin C is found in so many common fruits and vegetables that almost everyone in our modern society gets about 100 mg a day without even trying.
In the days before canning and refrigeration, mild scurvy was quite common, especially in the winter when fresh fruits and veggies were scarce.
Vitamin C found in just about every fruit and green vegetable.
Strawberries, melons, and cranberries are rich in Vitamin C.

Tropical fruits such as guavas, mangos, and papayas are all high in Vitamin C—as high as oranges or higher.
There’s some of Vitamin C in meat, poultry, fish, milk, and dairy products. Beans generally have little or no Vitamin C, and there’s none in grains such as oats or wheat.

If you eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, you’ll easily reach 250 mg of Vitamin C or even more and avoid vitamin C deficiency.

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  • Five minerals found to promote  the most effectiveness for Vitamin C – calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, and sodium;
  • One cigarette destroys 25–100 mg. of Vitamin C
  • Aspirin can triple the rate of excretion of your Vitamin C

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