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Vitamin K benefits

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It is very difficult to underestimate benefits of Vitamin K for our health.
Your need Vitamin K to help your bones grab onto calcium, put it in the right place, and hold onto it once it’s there.
If you don’t have enough Vitamin K, you won’t be able to form new bone very well. In the long run, a shortage of Vitamin K can lead to osteoporosis, or bones that are brittle and break easily.
Once osteoporosis starts, researchers think that extra Vitamin K benefits slow down the process. This is still being studied, though, so don’t start taking supplements just yet.
Your blood normally has a number of different clotting factors—substances that help it form clots to stop bleeding from cuts, bruises, and other injuries. You need Vitamin K to help your liver make prothrombin (factor II), the most important of the clotting factors. Some of the other factors, including factors VII, IX, and X, are also made in your liver and also depend on Vitamin K.

Without clotting factors, your blood clots very slowly or not at all, so even a small cut can bleed for a long time and even a minor bang can cause a big bruise.
Some researches demonstrated that Vitamin K kills cancer cells.
But so far, only in the test tube.
Vitamin K seems to slow down or kill tumor cells in the lab just as well as powerful drugs.
Some studies are looking at combining Vitamin K with standard anticancer drugs benefit them works better. We don’t know how well this works yet.

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