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Why We Need Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is essential for making the blood clots that quickly stop the bleeding whenever you injure yourself. This fat-soluble vitamin actually comes in three different forms.

First, there’s Vitamin K1, or phylloquinone. This is the form of Vitamin K found in plant foods. Next, there’s Vitamin K2 (you were expecting some other number?), also called menaquinone. This is the form friendly bacteria in your intestines make for you. If you guessed that the last form would be called Vitamin K3, you’re absolutely right. This is the artificial form, also called menadione. All our Vitamin K ends up in liver, where it’s used to make some of the substances that make our blood clot.

Vitamin K is mostly needed to help you stop bleeding, but it has some other jobs as well. The most important is the role Vitamin K1 plays in building bones. Vitamin K is needed to help hold onto the calcium in our bones and make sure it’s getting to the right place.
There’s also some important research on Vitamin K and cancer.

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