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Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium

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It is wide known fact that the calcium in milk that helps make your bones strong. But without the Vitamin D that’s also added to milk, the calcium won’t work.
Vitamin D’s most important role is to regulate how much calcium you absorb from your food. Most of that calcium goes to build strong bones and teeth.
You also need calcium to send messages along your nerves and to help your muscles contract (like when your heart beats).
Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium in your blood and makes sure you always have enough. We’re just starting to realize that Vitamin D also plays a role in a lot of other body functions. Your immune system needs Vitamin D and it may help prevent cancer, especially colon cancer.
For years, many researchers said the recommended dose of Vitamin D was too low for older people. You just naturally make less Vitamin D in your skin as you get older. Which is one of the reasons older people tend to have fragile bones.
The study showed that men and women over age 65 can cut their risk of a bone fracture in half if they take 700 IU of Vitamin D and 500 mg of calcium every day.

Kids who don’t get enough Vitamin D develop rickets—their bones don’t grow and harden properly. Fortunately, most kids get plenty of Vitamin D and rickets is pretty rare.

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