Arginine is Anti-Aging Amino Acid

Arginine supports wound healing and detoxification of the body, it peps up the immune system functions and helps the secretion of several essential hormones (such as insulin and the Growth Hormone).

In fact, the body produces adequate amounts of the amino acid, even if the nutrition is insufficient in Arginine. Conversely, in certain cases, the body may not be able to sustain the additional requirement for the amino acid, and addition Arginine supplement could be needed.

The Health Benefits of Arginine

There has been many researchres, clinical studies and scientific investigation performed to determine the importance and function of amino acid Arginine. The following are the benefits that it proffers :

  • Prevents and Treats Cardiovascular ailment: Research and laboratory investigations condition, that amino acid Arginine exerts a powerful effect on the blood vessels. It relaxes the blood vessels, thus improving the blood flow through them. What’s more, Arginine supplementation is highly beneficial in the treatment of a host of cardiac disorders. It treats and as well helps ward off angina, hypertension, atherosclerosis and congestive cardiac failure. Arginine achieves these benefits by augmenting nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide regulates blood flow. Thus, with enhanced levels of nitric oxide, the flow of blood recovers, and consequently, there is a better fluidity and lesser chances of clot formation.
  • Has a Favorable Effect in the Management of men Infertility: Arginine supplements have proved successful in some cases of men infertility. hospitalal trials have revealed that Arginine supplementation can increase sperm count and as well sperm motility appreciably.
  • Promotes the Secretion of the Human Growth Hormone: An essential and popular use of Arginine is to encourage the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone from the Pituitary. The Growth Hormone is released by the anterior Pituitary gland, in spurts, throughout the day. The synthesis and secretion of the Growth Hormone is high during the phase of childhood and adolescence, and it diminishes gradually, as one ages. The reduced production of the hormone makes one look and feel older.With advancing age, and diminishing levels of the Growth Hormone, the skin looses its elasticity and tone, fine lines and wrinkles become evident, bone density decreases, strength, vigor and tolerance levels decrease, energy begins to sap, the immune system gets impaired, fat increases, libido diminishes, and the mood and emotional stability gets drastically affected. Accordingly, keeping the Arginine level in the body high, stimulates the release of the Growth Hormone, and potentially staves off aging. In fact, body builders and fitness enthusiasts frequently administer Arginine supplements to boost lean muscle mass and reduce the fat composition in the body.

Food Sources of Arginine

Foods that are rich withg Arginine  are peanuts, almonds, walnuts and chocolate.In addition eggs, seafood, pork skin, cuttlefish, etc are other essential sources of Arginine
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