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Who are at risk of Vitamin B deficiency

The B vitamins are found in many different foods; they’re also added to a lot of foods such as bread and breakfast cereals. Almost everybody gets enough to cover the reccomeneded dietary allowance (RDA) and then some.Super Vitamin B-Complex with B-12 120 tablets: K

If your diet is poor or you have a digestive problem, though, you might be deficient in B’s. Some people are especially at risk.
Alcohol blocks your ability to absorb B vitamins and also makes you excrete them faster. Alcoholics are most likely to be deficient in thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and folic acid.
You absorb less of some of the B’s as you age. Also, elderly people who live alone or in nursing homes often don’t eat properly and don’t get enough B’s from their food.
Tobacco smoke decreases your absorption of B vitamins across the board.
People with chronic digestive problems also often experience of Vitamin B deficiency. These people may not be absorbing enough B vitamins through their intestines.
People on strict diets for sure feel Vitamin B deficiency. Vegetarians and vegans (vegetarians who don’t eat any animal foods such as milk or eggs) may not get enough B vitamins. Vegetarian children and people following macrobiotic diets are especially at risk.
The B vitamins all pull together to do the larger jobs of producing energy, making body chemicals such as hormones, and controlling how your cells grow and divide. When it comes to releasing energy, for example, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and biotin all work together. A shortage of any one of these B’s can throw off the entire process. And because the B’s are found in many of the same foods, if you’re deficient in one you’re likely to be deficient in the others too.
Sometimes a deficiency of one covers up a shortage of another because the B’s work together so often. A good example is folic acid, which can mask a shortage of cobalamin. Other vitamin deficiency also affects your B levels. If you’re low on Vitamin C, you’re probably also low on folic acid—and vice versa.

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